Some of the equipment we use (that is also available for rental) include:


Sony FX9

Sony FS700R

Sony A7S

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ (recorder/monitor)

Atomos Ninja V (monitor/recorder) x3

Sachtler Flowtech 75 w/ Benro S8 video head

Sony Lenses - Full Frame:

28-135/4 PZ, 24-70/2.8GM, 70-200/2.8GM

90mm/2.8 macro, 50mm/1.8, 24mm/1.4GM

Sony Lenses - S35:

50mm/f1.8, 35mm/f1.8, 18-105mm/f4

Samyang Lenses: 16mm/T2.2, 35mm/T1.5, 85mm/T1.5 Cine

Tiffen Black Pro Mist filters 1/8, 1/4, 1/2

Lights & Modifiers:

Aputure LS 120d mkII x2

Aputure Amaran 672S LED lights x2

Aputure mini20 x3

Aputure MC RGB x4

Blind Spot Scorpion v2 x4

Aputure Fresnel 2X

Aputure Light Dome mkII

Aputure Light Dome mini mkII

Aputure Space Light x2

Aputure Lantern

Live Streaming:

ATEM Mini Pro

Stream Deck


Some of the equipment we use (that is also available for rental) include:


Universal Audio Apollo 8, 8p and Twin mkII Quad

Universal-Audio LA-610 pre amplifier

MindPrint En-Voice pre-amplifier

Genelec M040 and M030 monitors


Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone

Coles 4038 matched pair ribbon microphones

Sennheiser E604 x3

Sennheiser E904

Sennheiser E906

Beyerdynamic M160

Shure SM58 x2

Electro-Voice PL33


Gretsch Electromatic hollow body, white

Gretsch Electromatic hollow body, vintage sunburst

Gretsch Catalina drum kit, white pearl

Hagström Viking hollow body bass, white

Hagström Acoustic steel string, black

Weltmeister Accordion, red

Electric Upright Bass, black